CareTel are the modern day Business Telecommunications Professionals.

There’s a reason why most small/medium businesses these days are flocking to CareTel – and that’s because, unlike our competitors, CareTel provides exactly what today’s business owners want:

To be connected to your customers when they need you to be.

CareTel is an Australia-based complete business telecoms solution like no other. When you or your sales reps are away from the desk but still on the job, now there’s no way you can miss a call or lose a sale.

Thanks to our exclusive handset manufacturer contracts, CareTel provides incredible VoIP technology that keeps you connected to your business in today’s connected world.?

Our solutions are, hands down, like no other. Keeping YOU ahead of the game.



CareTel was born and raised in the business telecommunications sector.

The team behind CareTel has more than a decade’s experience providing solutions for businesses just like yours, developing CareTel with the singular goal of providing a better solution than those on the market today.

As a result of our experiences working in the field, CareTel provides fast, responsive, incredible 24/7 customer service – based only in Australia, so you can talk to someone who really can deliver what you need.

Our commitment to excellence is what keeps our customers committed to CareTel.

Our customers receive a dedicated account manager – one expert point of contact – for all of their needs. Your account manager is a supportive specialist who will design a solution that suits your needs, and the needs of your employees.

CareTel delivers a scalable solution. This means that we provide a quick and seamless transfer from your legacy system to a built-for-you, modern, digital system that is made to last as your business grows.

NO HIDDEN CHARGES – We believe in total honesty up front.

Because CareTel is a complete solution for business telecoms: you can be online, mobile, calling locally or internationally, wherever you are in the world.

And since all of these services are under the hood, your bill will be simple to understand, clear and painless.

Our modern day pricing structure means CareTel customers begin reaping the benefits from day one! Experiencing better service, and better value!Starting with our fantastic no-up-front-cost, no setup fee Business Package.



You can reach out to your helpful local CareTel specialist right now who will answer any of your questions by calling 1300 39 69 79 or email: info@caretel.com.au for a fast response.

Our FAQ page has a huge database of information readily available to you. Click here.

Right now, you’re in the right place to learn all about CareTel’s exciting telecom services and how we can help you to be better connected to your prospects, your employees, and – most importantly – to your customers.

Voice Solutions: CareTel provides all types of voice solutions; whether you’re using digital communication, ISDN lines for multiple communication channels, or the traditional PSTN phone lines, you can find out all about it here.

Internet: For CareTel, the Internet is imperative for the operation of our services, and the operation of our customer’s businesses. With almost every business functioning online today, we provide a fundamental Internet service with 99.999% up time (with ZERO down time during office hours) built on a foundation of speed. Choose an Internet package that suits your needs here or speak to your local CareTel representative on 1300 39 69 79.

NBN Service: NBN (or the National Broadband Network) is a Government initiative, upgrading Australia’s fixed line and Internet network. This provides more security, faster data speeds, and more reliability for your business and home while online. As an NBN partner, CareTel will help to rollout the NBN initiative to you when it’s available in your area, giving you all the incredible benefits the modern Internet can deliver! Get a foot ahead of your competitors with NBN and CareTel; click here to discover more information.

Cloud Service: Because CareTel operates in the cloud, we get to pass amazing benefits over to you; such as no up-front fees, minimal maintenance, and incredible reliability throughout all our systems. We provide an easy-to-use web-based management portal for you to customize and control every part of your CareTel setup, and a range of industry-leading cloud-based computing opportunities. Our high-performance Virtual Machines will run almost any operating system you need with complete isolation and uncompromised security, so you can access your important data anywhere, anytime; completely safe. Learn about the power behind our revolutionary cloud-based computing solutions right here.

Mobile: Introducing CareTel Mobile; an exciting new carrier service especially for Australian businesses! Connecting you to your team and your customers anywhere in the world, our range of options are made to serve you. We know that today’s businesses need to operate with total flexibility – that’s why our range of mobile tariffs and bolt-on packages are designed to increase accessibility and help you to service your team better. Either enhancing your own devices, utilising a range of CareTel certified devices, or making use of our amazing mobile broadband plans, CareTel will keep you connected wherever you are. Learn about our amazing options for business mobile and find out how easy it is to take the office with you, right here.

Phone Systems: CareTel ONLY supplies the best range of Telco products and services. That’s why we are proud to connect our customers using the most suitable handsets for you. Analysing the needs of your business, we will hook you up with a system that’s easy-to-manage, functional, and organised with your needs in mind. Our telecommunications specialists will connect you to the most suitable CareTel services that can tie our core phone systems together for optimum performance; delivering incredible clear HD audio, Bluetooth compatibility, and all traditional call features as well as exciting new ones only available with CareTel’s modern cloud-based telecoms system – like our incredible Mobile Twinning Feature! Whether you’re out in the field, working from home, or simply at your colleague’s desk, your incoming calls will ring your desk phone AND cell phone. Best of all: you don’t have to remember to turn on call forwarding, you don’t have to learn how to set up a tricky new feature, and you don’t have to do a thing in order to benefit from this built-in service. It’s just there. To find out more about our exciting range of Phone Systems and how your company can benefit today, all you need to do is click here.

IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming the biggest game changer in business telecoms today, and CareTel is spearheading the rollout to our customers. Connecting all your devices together through the cloud, this revolutionary new wave of technology unlocks unlimited potential for additional functionality and communications between your business’ devices. Helping business owners to improve services, reduce costs, and protect property – and people! The Internet of Things is a fantastic new phase of exponential information transferral, helping us all to develop new ways to stay ahead of our competitors. Learn about how IoT will benefit your business and how CareTel are integrating this amazing service by clicking here.

Cabling: With our huge range of telecommunication services, a physical connection is needed. That’s why our installation experts are trained to tackle any – and all – cabling issues that your business has or needs. CareTel will design and install all cabling for your systems, catered to your requirements. But because we believe in providing a universal service, you can rely on us at any time if you experience crackling on the line, dropped calls or faulty systems. Just give your CareTel representative a call 24/7 and we’ll send an installation expert out to test and repair your systems, cabling or hardware. Click here to find out how CareTel’s Cabling services will transform your business today!

But we know that not everything can be answered on a white paper. That’s why our knowledgeable customer care experts are available 24/7 to explain everything that you need to know about CareTel’s services and answer all of your questions.

You can reach out to your helpful local CareTel specialist right now who will answer any of your questions by calling 1300 39 69 79 or email: info@caretel.com.au for a fast response.


Whether you’re already a customer with CareTel or you’re just shopping around and want to ask us a question, ALL CareTel representatives are based in Australia and available at any time of the day for you

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t treat customers any differently from anyone else – you’ll still find the same incredible and helpful service regardless, whatever the reason you need to call.

Good relationships are built on a foundation of communication. Since communication is our lifeblood at CareTel, there’s nothing we care more about than to give you the opportunity to build those relationships within your organisation.

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