At CareTel, we know that a reliable telephone system is one of the first investments that a business owner needs to make in order to tie their operations together. But with so many call answering services at your fingertips, it’s prudent to know, what are the differences and how do they affect you?

CareTel provides all types of voice solutions, so to find out which one will suit your business the most, here is a run-down of everything you need to know.

PSTN Lines

PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network, is the traditional form of telephone line, typically your landline phone connected by copper wires. Voice data is sent through electronically switched networks.

CareTel install your PSTN phone line if you only need one dedicated service. While on a call, the line cannot be used for any other purpose.

Great for independent or small businesses like “mom and pop” shops and garages!

  • Uses established phone line infrastructure
  • Lines are dedicated for one use at a time
  • Limited call features
  • Operates during power outage
  • On-site operations only – no mobile capability
  • Recommended for small local businesses




ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. Unlike PSTN that transmits voice data as waves, ISDN sends both voice and data as digital signals (bits), which means that you can use multiple communication channels for user-to-user connections, as well as user-to-network connections

Imagine a highway where each car carries a different conversation down the same lane simultaneously. And because ISDN operates digitally, your sound quality is crystal clear!

If your business hires multiple employees for telemarketing and conference calling, this might be a great solution for you!

  • Uses established phone line infrastructure
  • Transmits high sound quality and data over single line
  • Maximum of 8 devices attached per line
  • Local power supply and backup power needed
  • Eliminates the need to install extra analogue lines for multiple users
  • Ideal for businesses that require multiple phone lines

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In Bound Numbers

InBound Numbers

Caretel provides 1300, 1800, 13, 18 services. 1300 and 13 incur a low call rate to a customer whereas 1800 and 18 are toll-free/free-call numbers for a customer. Your business will incur a charge for using these services.

Benefits of a 1300 number (local call numbers)

  • Take your number wherever you go. Whether you are relocate to a new area or expanding your business you get to use the same number.
  • Improve your brand image with a 1300 number. It’s a valuable tool for marketing your business.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Flexible – you get full control of your number.
  • Caller ID – Track your calls. Includes additional tracking options.
  • Can be used nationwide.

Benefits of an 1800 number (toll-free/free-call)

  • Toll free – Your customers don’t pay a penny for using them.
  • Enhance your brand image nationally with an 1800 number.
  • Flexible – You choose how and where you receive incoming calls.
  • Use internationally. Compatible with telephone networks in Asia, Africa, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom as well as the United States.

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