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ADSL allows users to remain connected to the Internet whilst still being able to make telephone calls. ADSL2+ provides a very fast Internet access speed.

ADSL2+ is ideal for bandwidth heavy applications such as –

  • Streaming video
  • Downloading music
  • Online gaming
  • Viewing of content heavy websites


High speeds can only be offered in one direction. Thus ADSL2+ plans comes with large download speeds and small upload speeds. This can benefit you as a customer and it makes ADSL2+ a very viable option, even if you are on a budget.

You business will also have the option of bundling your phone and ADSL2+ bills into one. Some plans may come with extras such as large off peak download allowances; free talk time or no monthly access charges.



The National Broadband Network is a high-speed network designed and developed by the NBN Co. with a combination of fibre, wireless and satellite connectivity. With NBN, your business can receive faster and reliable phone and Internet services from the CareTel network. With download speeds of hundreds of megabits per second, it four times as fast as ADSL2+. NBN service has the potential for your business to open new markets while boosting productivity and efficiency. To use the NBN network, your business will require an

  1. NBN Utility Box or Premises Connection Device or PCD which is a box installed on the outside wall of your home connecting your property to the NBN fiber optic cable on your street
  2. NBN Connection Box or Network Termination Device or NTD: a box installed inside your home connected to the outside NBN Utility Box. It is where you can plug in your modem



  • Faster than ADSL2+
  • Reliable
  • Suitable for high speed and bandwidth heavy applications like video streaming
  • Cloud based services
  • Lower costs
  • Teleworking
  • High quality multiline voice services



  • Smooth and clear face-to-face conferencing with colleagues, business partners, suppliers, customers
  • Collaborate with team members at any location, face to face without leaving your office or home, saving time and money
  • Multi tasking – improve productivity in your business
  • Improve the operational efficiency of your business
  • Flexible and extended business hours with 24*7 online access and trading


Mid Band Internet (EFM)

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) refers to an Ethernet networks between a telecommunications company and your business. It runs over copper networks rather than optical fibres. The copper is provided in bonded pairs, making the connection robust. If one fails, the other is still active. This redundant approach means no downtimes for your business. Your business will be able to continue working at a reduced bandwidth until normal service is restored. Higher bandwidth is achieved by installing more copper pairs. CareTel provides the most bandwidth at any given location and regularly exceed it.


Benefits of EFM

  • Suitable for mass deployment of Ethernet services like OA&M (Operations, administration and management)
  • Compatible with traditional twisted pair (copper wires) based telephone services (POTS-plain old telephone service)
  • Up to 1000Mbps until 10km or 20km using PON (passive optical network)
  • Business grade high-speed Internet service
  • Suitable for email, IP Voice, video conferencing
  • 1:1 Service
  • Lower cost than leased lines
  • Quick installation
  • Symmetric line
  • Dedicated bandwidth


Fibre Service

A broadband service that uses fibre optic cables. With fibre optic cables gigabit Ethernet could reach speeds of 1Gbit/s over tens of kilometres. Fibre reaches the boundary of the building, with the final connection to the office being made via alternative means such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi or power line.



  1. Reliable & Affordable
  2. High-speed Internet access
  3. Suitable for high-speed data transfer, video conferencing and multi tasking
  4. Improves productivity and efficiency of your business
  5. Better privacy and security
  6. Low maintenance cost
  7. Scalable for future upgrades

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