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Mobile Wholesale

Mobile Wholesale

The demand for wireless and mobile broadband has never been higher. With our range of services, we can help you offer a high availability, cost effective solution to your business customers.

Mobile and wireless connectivity is essential for your customers’ business growth, and for your business to be able to offer a competitive range of services in the future.

Wireless and mobile broadband services are on the cutting edge of technology and offering these options to your customers can give you the edge over the competition.

MVNO Solution

Resell the Telstra Wholesale Post-Paid Mobile service through your own business, and your customers can benefit from extensive 3G coverage throughout Australia. Through this service, you can build your portfolio of mobile services, while retaining full control and ownership of your customers’ contractual relationships. On the go connectivity for 97% of the population,and high-speed wireless internet, makes this a highly attractive service for businesses and individuals alike.

Wholesale Wireless Broadband

For a complete wireless broadband solution, our Wholesale Wireless Broadband product allows you to market a broadband and wireless data service to your customers.

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