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Voice Wholesale

Voice Wholesale

Voice services are essential for many businesses. If you are looking to create and market a voice service under your own brand, whether long distance or local, you will need it to be reliable, high quality and to perform at the highest possible level. Our extensive range of voice services allow you to create a portfolio that can include calls, interoperability options, and lines to WANs and switches.

Offer your customers a number of flexible voice options with the highest quality and availability, no matter the size of their business.

Here are the main voice services that we offer:

Wholesale Retail

This is a low cost entry-level service, which allows you to launch your voice service under your own brand. With our wholesale retail service there is no need to make the investment of building or maintaining a network.

Wholesale Preselect

This service provides businesses with the opportunity to offer a branded long distance service over a PSTN or IDSN line. The line is managed, provided and maintained by Telstra on your behalf, while the main support services are provided by Care Tel.

Wholesale Inbound

Our wholesale inbound service allows the business end user to advertise a local call, 13, 1300 or free call 1800 number for callers to ring. The caller will be charged the cost of a local call or toll free throughout Australia.

Wholesale ISDN

Do you have a large site with a concentration of high volumes of voice calls? If you are running a call centre or you have a high concentration of large volumes of data traffic, you might benefit from our wholesale integrated services digital network primary rate access, or wholesale ISDN service. This is a 2MB access line offering up to 30 channels, and is perfect for call centres and other large volume needs.

Whole IP Voice Services

The IP voice service provides a hosted voice platform and SIP trunks to help businesses get started in this high margin market. There is no need to invest in equipment or maintenance as the service is fully managed. You can choose whether you want the hosted voice platform and SIP trunks separately, or as a complete package.

Whole SIP

For an advanced communication product that provides next generation access to proven SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP), why not choose Wholesale SIP? This service makes use of the latest technology to provide flexible voice access and the latest in SIP communications technology.

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